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Elena Damiani

From the Series “Against Modern Toys”. Print on found bookplate. 2012

‘Against Modern Toys’ is a series of prints that pieces together black and white pages originally found in the Bolivian sculptor Marina Nuñez del Prado memoirs ‘La Eternidad de los Andes’. Separate sections of different sculptures are juxtaposed within a single surface in order to construct a new image. The assembled fragments shape a new three-dimensional object flattened in a two-dimensional format.

The images situate themselves between abstraction and representation, two-dimensionality and objectness, entirety and fragmentation. These appropriations have the purpose of creating not new sculptures but new documents of the former, and as a result emerge as forged documentation of past art objects, which due to the muteness and their abstract shapes appear as phantoms of modernism.

The new reproductions printed on found paper from the same year as the original book show subtle gestures and manipulations of documentation and comment on the problematics of documenting three-dimensional sculptural objects in a two-dimensional medium.



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